Other festivals of interest

Other festivals of interest

A much-loved tradition is the Día de las Almadías in Burgui. On the first Saturday in May, former mariners pay tribute to their dangerous profession by going down the river in wooden rafts. 

Another story worth telling is the Tributo de las Tres Vacas. Close to Isaba, alongside the Piedra de San Martín, on 13th July, French mayors hand to Roncalés mayors three cows as payment for use of water and borderland pasture. 

At Christmas, in the centre and to the north, on 24th December, the Olentzero arrives, a much-loved coal-seller, fond of good food and a drink or two, who comes down the mountain to announce Jesus' birth. 

The rural sports or herri kilorak were born from the bets made on rural tasks between those attending: lifting stones, felling trees, moving weights, etc. It is quite surprising to see what these participants manage.


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